Experto Consulting organized a wine sector delegation in Georgia

Experto Consulting organized a wine sector delegation in Georgia


Experto Consulting has organized a mission from 7 to 9 December 2022 for a delegation of exporters of the wine equipment and service sector.

This mission has allowed RVS Consultants Viticoles, BPM Architectes and Ertus to meet the management of the leading 15 Georgian wineries. This business development mission has been a great experience for the delegation!


Country located in south Caucasus with 4 million inhabitants, Georgia is a market that is not so visited by the French wine sector exporters (contrary to the Italian ones).


Georgia has a very old wine tradition (8,000 years old), tradition that is central in the local culture. There are 550 endemic grape varieties and a specific production technique (in Kvevri) that are specific to Georgia. Total vineyard surface of the country is reaching 100,000 ha for a total of 200 significant wineries. Among all the wineries, 20 groups are having a production of 1 million bottles and more.


This sector is investing: a dozen of projects is ongoing. These projects are usually associating production facilities and touristic spaces (hotel, restaurant, degustation room).


Main exporter of the region with 107 million bottles send abroad in 2021 (90 million in 2020) mainly to its natural market (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Baltics) and China. Contrary to what was expected, exports of the sector in 2022 have not been impacted by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.